Buy a Beer with Bitcoin in Eindhoven on 27-jul



After hosting a few blockchain meetups in a somewhat formal ‘speaker-audience’ setup we very much like the idea of having a social edition and meet eachother during an informal drink. Everyone is welcome and there is no knowledge required.

Those who heard of Bitcoin typically also have an opinion how this famous cryptocurrency has a place in our society. Is it safe? Is it truely decentralized? Is it scalable to facilitate many small payments? Instead of having complicated theoretical discussions on social media we propose to get together to learn and experience in-person what it means to exchange these digital coins.

What we have planned

  • What

    Informal social drink

  • Secret Mission

    Inform people about cryptocurrency as form of payment

  • Location

    Soul Kitchen at Strijp-S in Eindhoven

  • When?

    Friday 27th Juli 2018

  • Time

    Feel free to join us anytime you like

    • 18:00 (optional) we’re getting a bite to eat
    • 20:00 Introduction to ‘whatis and howto bitcoin’ and kick off the evening
    • 20:15 Informal drinks
  • Bring

    Curiosity, friends and a smartphone

Friday 27th of July we execute plan B in Eindhoven:
we buy beer with bitcoin!

But I’m not an expert?

There’s no knowledge required to join. We will kick-start the session by explaining the basics about blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, mobile wallets and anything else you want to know. We can show you how fast and easy a transaction is made between two wallets and help you setup a wallet on your phone. Or not and just talk about your latest investments, (crypto)kitten and Magic The Gathering cards!

Soul Kitchen is the (bitcoin) place to be!

Our pre-investigation found one location that accepts bitcoins as form of payment: Soul Kitchen on Strijp-S. Two test-transactions where tested and verified this week. That is where we will start this first edition of a ‘crypto pubcrawl’. Following Arnhem as ‘bitcoincity’ (see: we believe Eindhoven has enough high-tech-adopters that can help spread the promise of cryptocurrency by converting thirst and coins into drinks and joy!

If you know another place in Eindhoven that accepts bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, or maybe someone with a bar/restaurant that is curious to it, please let us know!

Bitcoin Wallets

A cryptocurrency wallet works a little different from a physical wallet for cash and a little different from an app to check your digital bank balance. We will show you how to use one during the intro session. For those who want to prepare and have some coins ready to spend, these are some of the (mobile) wallets we use ourselves and you can try:

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